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Terms of Service:

1. You are requested to give date and time of your availability for the appointment of the document registration, which shall be given 2 days in prior. The appointment is strictly depends on the availability of the appointment and on the circumstances prevailing in the registration offices.

2. Urgent appointment if requested by you within 2 days from the date of payment, then it will be charged extra @ Rs.1000/-

3. In case of reschedule of appointment by you, it may be charged @ Rs.200/-

4. The address of the sub registrar office will be conveyed to you within one day in prior.

5. You need to submit to us requisite documents and information for drafting purpose. The standard draft format will be shared to you along with filled information provided by you. Upon your confirmation of appointment of registration, the date, time and location of registration office will be shared with you. You are requested to bring all necessary documents at the time of registration process.

6. You are advised to pay the stamp duty amount on your own otherwise we can pay the same on your behalf after due receipt of payment. However, we disclaim liabilities arising out of any mistake caused in payment of stamp duty amount.

7. Property registration office is a government-run office and thus consumes time. The registration process normally takes time about 60 mins to 120 mins. However, in several instances, the time may get stretched due to several reasons such as technical issue, overcrowd, govt. server issue, etc. You are requested to be patient in such time in order to complete the registration procedure.

8. Government duties charged may subject to change upon the decision taken by the Sub-registrar after inspection of your document in certain circumstances.

9. Any decision taken by the Sub-registrar shall be final for the registration procedure of the document.

10. In case the registration of your document is objected by the Sub-registrar due to legal difficulty or increase in government duties which you do not wish to pay or for any other reason, then we cannot register your document for which 50% fees will be refunded back to you.

11. You agree that in the event of non-registration of your document due to any technical reason or any other reason, then the same will be registered on the next agreed date without extra charge.

12. Our refund policy is applicable to power of attorney drafting and registration services. You can avail the refund policy if you have made the purchase and if you do not wish to proceed ahead. In such a case, money refund will be applicable if money refund request is made in 24 hours working day from the time of the payment.

12. We have professionals who are good in drafting data entries for registration of documents. However, we disclaim liabilities arising out of any mistake in drafting data entry in any circumstances.

13. Registered document will be given back to you within 2 days after the registration and government scanning done.

14. You agree that the draft shared by us to you will not be used or misused or re-shared by you to anyone for any other purpose than herein intended, which shall amount to infringement of our terms and conditions.

15. Governing Law and Arbitration : The Terms are governed by State of Maharashtra and India law. Nothing in the Terms will limit a party's ability to seek equitable relief. The parties will try in good faith to settle any dispute relating to the Terms ("Dispute") within 30 days after such Dispute arises. If the Dispute is not resolved within 30 days, it must be resolved by arbitration by the Arbitrator to be appointed by Property Warrant and conducted in accordance with its rules in force as of the date of the Terms. The arbitration will be conducted in English or in Marathi in Pune city, Maharashtra, India. Any decision rendered by the arbitrator will be final and binding on the parties. The arbitrator may order equitable or injunctive relief consistent with the remedies and limitations in the Terms. All information disclosed in connection with the arbitration, including the existence of the arbitration, will be considered confidential information and will not be disclosed to third parties except as required by law. The parties may, however, disclose such information to an appropriate court under confidentiality restrictions, as necessary to seek enforcement of any arbitration award or judgment or to seek any relief permitted under the Terms. Nothing in the Terms will limit a party's ability to seek equitable relief necessary to protect its rights pending resolution of the arbitration. Property Warrant holds right to seek judicial help in case of disclosure of confidential order by the party or defaming without valid reason.

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